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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Well it was a good start for BTBSports and our predictions but I have come on here to admit failure in my prop bet segment.

1. According to my timing of the National Anthem it ended up at 1 minute and 34 seconds which would make this this a push.

2. I did however predict that she would nail the National Anthem. Nice work Kelly Clarkson.

3. Called for tails... ended up heads.... what can you do?

4. Went with the over 3.5 Peyton Manning showings. To my defense they didn't even show him in the stadium once during the game. Makes me wonder if he was even there or if he was at his home trying not to steal the spotlight from his younger brother. That just sounds like a Peyton move... total class...regardless I was wrong on this bet.

5. 1st scoring play... not only was I wrong on this count but I couldn't be more off. I don't think I was the only one in this category though. Not many people could have predicted that the first scoring play would be a safety but it would be a safety where Brady would make a mental error and just throw the ball away while he was in the end-zone, but yet again I was wrong.

6. Madonna why did you have to do it.... really you couldn't have went with something a little more conservative? WAIT ... did I really just ask Madonna to be conservative ... what the hell was I thinking?! AGAIN ... I was wrong.

7. Over 1.5 David Tyree showings... WRONG!!!! If this would've been mentions of David Tyree I would've been right... but I must admit NBC did a great job of making it about this years game and not reliving the past. Good work NBC.

8. Brady's First Pass.... SEE #5!

9. Welker or Cruz fist catch... I got one right. This may have come down to who got the ball first but regardless I was right but neither player had a great night.

10. Manning v LBJ... Got another one right but 30 completions was asking a lot of Manning in this game. Ball control was the game and both defenses played well... NE better than expected ... either way Eli-te = MVP!

11. WRONG!  I chose the Blue Gatorade ... My wife picked Red... together we were right ... guess that helps make an argument for compromise.

12. Eli was MVP as predicted by me... but when on the podium he either was not given or did not take the opportunity to thank anyone. I would like to call this a push but not thanking anyone was an option so I have the take the L.

Hope everyone had better luck than I did. Keep looking for more posts by us and remember this blog is nothing without comments from our followers. Give us your opinion ... but BACK IT UP and above all.... Put your NAME on it! We want to know who you are!


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  1. Remind me not to ask you for betting advice!!

    - The Odester