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Thursday, March 8, 2012

New MAN-ning In Town

Well, its final.  The decision has been made.  Peyton Manning will become an unrestricted FA on Tuesday, March 13th.  Now another decision must be made and LET THE BIDDING BEGIN!  It has been reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter that 12 teams have already been in contact with the Peyton Manning camp.  But which will he choose?  Myself and my counterpart have our own ideas on where Manning should land.

Clark says - MIAMI
Yep, Welcome to Miami (bienvenido a miami) Mr. Manning.  Its the best choice for Peyton.  It makes the most sense to me football wise and for him personally.  Here are a few reasons why I think Peyton Manning will be "taking his talents to South Beach".
  • Personal Reasons

    • Why does anyone want to play for any team in Florida?  Well, the first reason is the weather that can't be beat.  It's been rumored that Manning would prefer to play in a warm climate.  And if not that, a dome up north like he had in Indy.  So warm weather..........CHECK!
    • Another reason any athlete in any sport plays in Florida, no state income tax.  I know he has made nearly $150+million in football contracts alone but to say money won't play a factor at all is just silly.  Yeah he'll take less to win now since his window is probably only about 3 years, but it wont be a drastic cut.  With Manning, there will be an associated cost not matter what.  So he gets the cash............CHECK!
    • Manning prefers the AFC...........And really, why wouldn't he?  Would you rather see week in and week out the NFC QBs? (Rogers, Brees, Stafford, Ryan, Romo, Vick, Eli, Cutler, Newton)  I'd much rather face the AFC QBs hands down.  (Brady - yes in his own division, Big Ben, Flacco, then who?)  Its not even close, AFC QBs not nearly as daunting of a task as the NFC QBs.  So, Miami is in his prefered AFC.............CHECK!
    • It has also been rumored that Peyton may want to play with Reggie Wayne again who is also a free agent.  Hmmmm, where might Wayne wanna play.  How bout Miami where he played his college ball at "The U".  I'm sure Wayne can show him why Miami is the best place for both of them.
    • So, say Peyton does choose Miami.......he's gotta buy a house right?  NOPE!  He already owns a house in Florida, and has for over a decade.  So, he's already established himself in Florida and as we know, Peyton is a creature of habit.  He likes what he is familiar with and he is VERY familiar with Florida.
  • Football Reasons
    • Even in this offensive age, defense still matters.  Miami had a top 6 scoring defense last season.  Accompany that with what Peyton can turn that offense into and you're looking at a 10+ win team that will challenge Brady for the division crown.
    • Up and coming if not solid running game.  Reggie Bush ran for 1000yds for the first time in his career with a 5.0ypc.  And with Bush, we know what kind of a dynamic player he can be as he put his first real complete season together last year with Miami.  Rookie Daniel Thomas ran for another 580yds.  Thats a nice duo you can at least be confident in and excited about as a QB.
    • This team has a clear cut #1 WR.  Brandon Marshall is a beast. With the right guy throwin to him, he could put up top 5 WR numbers.  He has done it before with guys not named Peyton Manning.  Add that to Wayne potentially coming with Peyton and Bess is considered one of the better slot WRs in the NFL.  The weapons are there for him.
    • Whats really important to a right handed QB?  His left tackle, thats who protects your back by protecting your blind spot.  Well, how bout Pro Bowl LT Jake Long.  The 26 year old Pro Bowl LT is just want Manning needs protecting his back.  Long is in his prime at his age and may even get better.
  • Outside Factors
    • Miami is a destination for athletes with BIG EGOs.  There isnt a city more equipped to handle it (other then maybe LA or NY) then Miami and they thrive off of these egos.  Here are some recent guys to land on South Beach with huge egos:  Jose Reyes, Lebron, Ozzie Guillen, Reggie Bush, Shaq, and Pat Riley.  Don't kid yourself.  Though Peyton is a humble guy as a whole, the man still has an ego.  All the great ones do.
    • This ownership right now is VERY star driven.  Stephen Ross is the majority owner (roughly 95%) but the rest of the owners are quite the star studded cast.  Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Fergie, Marc Anthony, Jimmy Buffett, Venus Williams, & Serena Williams.  So what QB do Stars want playing for them?  Clearly a star QB and Manning fits the bill.  Plus, are the William Sisters and Manning spokespeople for Gatorade?  That seems like a good fit there as well.
Also heard that Manning flew directly to Miami after his press conference.  So, for me (Clark) Miami seems like the destination of choice.  It hits a lot of his personal and football needs and even provides some familiarity for him which he craves.  Now Florida has the "Big 3", sunny skies, a ranting Ozzie Guillen, white sand beaches, and soon to be.........................................................Peyton Manning.

Smitty thinks - Arizona

Tell me Manning wouldn't feel comfortable here!
I will follow a slightly different format than my counter part and just give you the facts. Peyton Manning is going to be a HOT commodity until he makes his decision and to quote from ESPN "If you don't have a Top Tier QB in this league, you would be fool not to call Manning's camp to see if you have a chance!" Last I checked Arizona did not have a Top Tier QB on their roster. Yes, I realize they just dealt for Kolb, but how did that work out year one? A lot sacks, bad decisions and injuries. Let's say that Manning does have another 3 good years left in him and that is what he can give to Arizona. I know Kolb has already sat behind QB's and probably doesn't want to hear this but he could learn more in 6 months sitting behind Manning than he did his entire time sitting behind McNabb and Vick.....COMBINED! Yes, McNabb is a good QB but not on Manning's level, not even close and Vick has a completely different skill set than that of Kolb and still not on Manning's level. Sorry, Mr. Kolb this may be a step backwards but you would be learning from one of the greatest, most prepared, and possibly the smartest QB of ALL TIME. Make the most of it.

The second fact is an argument that I would like to take head on and it is the O-Line. Yes, I am completely aware that Arizona gave up more sacks than any other team last year but will you please look who they had at QB. A combination of Kolb and John Skelton, neither of which is known for their "Quick Release". I argue that a majority of the sacks given up by the Arizona Cardinals O-Line last year was due to two things 1. Quarterbacks holding the ball entirely too long and 2. Quarterbacks who are not able to recognize the blitz and what defenses are trying to do. Throughout his career Manning has only had 2 Pro-Bowl line men. Center Jeff Saturday (05-07 & 09-10) and LT Tarik Glen (04-06). In 2006, the year in which the Colts won the Super Bowl the offensive line had 24 years of NFL experience. The starting O-Line for the Cardinals last year had 33 years of NFL experience. Manning is the best at figuring out a defense and what they want to do. Not only that he gets them to SHOW IT on a regular basis. Manning's elaborate system of dummy calls, line checks and protection calls makes it that much easier for the O-Line to do their job. To me you can't make the argument that adding Manning can turn no-name wideouts in to potential All-Pro players and not say that he could do the same for the O-Line.

Fitz Runs for a Score in the SUPER BOWL!
Speaking of Wideouts last time I checked Arizona had a All-Pro of their own in Larry Fitzgerald. To me it doesn't matter where Manning lands, Reggie Wayne will follow. Add Wayne with Fitz and add in that supporting cast of WR's in Andre Roberts and Early Doucet and it sounds pretty simlair to Wayne, Harrison, & Stokley. What about Tightends the Colts had Marcus Pollard and Dallas Clark? Arizona has Todd Heap and Jeff King both good pass catching TE's when they have someone to throw them the ball!

Arizona also has a running game that could be greatly improved with Manning getting the right play called with the defense that is out there. Beanie Wells had a breakout year last year rushing 245 time for 1,047 yards (4.3 yards per carry) and 10 scores. Combine that with LaRod Stephens-Howling who has the potential to be a much better pass catching back than he has shown and you are looking at a pretty potent offense with Manning conducting it.

One of the possible setbacks for Arizona is their defense, but if you compare Arizona to Miami they are similar in their ranking except for one. Total D - AZ 18 Mia 15. Passing D- AZ 17 Mia 25. Rush D- AZ 21 Mia 3. However, if you look at the points allowed per game Arizona (21.8) is not far behind Miami (19.6). Arizona also was tied for 7th in Sacks with Dallas and San Fransisco. This is all great but I have an even better final argument for Manning to join not only Arizona but the NFC.

It has been said that Manning would prefer to stay in the AFC but I ask why? Is it just to appease his brother and stay out of his way? I'm sure that's how it went when they were kids! The reasons to join the NFC are simple. Yes, you do have a whole laundry list of QB's that are at the top of their game (see the list in Clark's section) but how many of those teams have great defenses? Aaron Rogers Green Bay... did you see their D last year.... Not good! The rest of the NFC North Detroit good front but rest is lacking. Chicago defense is strong but seems to be all they got and last I checked the offense scores most of the points and they lack fire power. NFC South those teams have proven to be good teams but have 3 games a year where they don't play up to their potential (Rams over Saints last year?) and show that they can be inconsistent. NFC East I'll give you the Giants but even they have had their issues in the secondary. Dallas... we all know they choke under pressure (and I'm a Dallas fan!)! Philly... how's that Wide 9 working for you? NFC West you have two good defenses in San Fran and Seattle but Seattle is lacking weapons on O other than Lynch and who knows how San Fran will handle their "new found success". But lets get to my main point the AFC has 7 of the Top 10 defenses in the league while the NFC has 6 of the bottom 10 defenses. What that tells me... you are never out of a game. Finally, who made the Super Bowl again this year from the AFC that just keeps taking on some of the best teams the AFC has to offer and beating them with no defense and an offense that seems to set a record of some sort every year? New England! Do you really want to go to the same division as Brady and Belichick? This a duo that always seems to have Manning's number. Since Brady took over in 2001 Manning is 4-7 in games in which the two faced off (this does account for injury 2008 for Brady and 2011 for Manning) this also includes a 1-2 record in the playoffs.

Peyton head to Arizona! It's a weaker division that provides you with an opportunity to make another Super Bowl. You saw what Kurt Warner did for the Cardinals....Now....imagine what YOU could do for them!


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