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Saturday, February 18, 2012


It is close to that time of year again. You know that time of year that all sports fans USED to really look forward to. That time where the best of the best in the NBA can show off their......DUNKS! That's right it is about a week from the slam dunk contest and besides from the fact that the NBA Slam Dunk contest has gone from pure dunking ability to your ability to put on a show, it used to be a time we would look forward to and now I would be fine to catch the highlights on Sports Center. More specifically I am call out YOU, LeBron James.

Every year it never fails that you toy with our hearts, you mess with the masses that would love to see your pure athleticism on display for all to see. Instead you decided to not participate in the Slam Dunk Contest. Which would make sense had none of your superstar peers ever participated, but in fact they have. Need a reminder of who has been in this event and won it! Check this out.....

That's right! A lot of big names out there, and not to mention one that LBJ has decided to model himself after. The one who is know by all with the pure mentioning of two letters, the one that everyone wanted to be like. Hell, the one that the Looney Toons needed to make a motion picture. MJ... enough said. Not only did he compete multiple times but he has done, what apparently no one wants to try and do any more, which is defend his title!

For some of the most competitive men on this face of this earth to just allow someone else to come and take their title bothers be. One person you can't put in that category is one Mr. Nate Robinson. He is one hell of a competitor and can dunk too.

 When you dunk over D12 (Superman)


Spud Webb. You got some game.

How can I forget about the show that Vince Carter put on.  
And don't forget I forgot about the second part. 
Bottom line here.... There have been a lot of big names in this contest and some of the best athletes have been on this stage.... Except for one... LBJ (and yes I saw you in that Nate Robinson video). What 's wrong LeBron, afraid you can't live up to the hype or maybe you are afraid of not being able to live up to what a man about 1.5 feet smaller than you did? You want to "Be like Mike" LeBron? 

It's time to Dunk or Shut up! 


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