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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Prop Bets

While I do share the same name as my partner I promise you that we will not always agree on the topic at hand. That being said I am in favor of the G-Men winning today and agree with all of his points from his previous post. I decided to take a different route for my first posting on BTBSports. What is a Super Bowl with out some bets to make it fun. I did some research and found some good prop bets to further enhance your Super Bowl viewing experience.

1. Over/Under 1 minute 34 seconds on the National Anthem.
  • I personally think that when you get an event as big as this you tend to find that the performer likes to really show off those vocals. Take the over and sing your heart out Kelly Clarkson. 
2. Over/Under 1 word forgotten/missed during the singing of the National Anthem.
  • Take the under she's done this too many times to mess this one up! 
3. Heads/Tails during the coin toss.
  • Now there is no surefire system for this everyone has their own personal preference on what is good and what is not (much like there are men who prefer one asset of a women over another and women you are not innocent either you all have your surefire way to measure up men [Big Feet/Hands]) I'm taking tails ..... you can read in to that however you want.
4. Over/Under 3.5 times Peyton Manning will be shown during the game tonight.
  • I think this is a good prop bet as older bother Manning has almost been stealing the show with everyone wondering what will happen with him after the Super Bowl is over and he is by far the biggest story happening in the NFL after this game. I think this number is low and believe that 4.5 would've been a better number. Take  the Over on 3.5 and I'll bet he is shown at least 5 times. 
5. What will be the first scoring play of the game?
  • Always a good bet and this is where you can make it as specific or general as possible. It is up to you and your guests to make it as difficult as you would like. This is where I think the betting public will be thrown a curve. With all the emphasis on the passing game I believe that both teams will come out with the mind set of needing to set the tone for the game and show that they will be able to dictate ball control. The first score will be a rushing score but who will score and who will strike first? Give me the "Law Firm" Mr. BenJarvis Green Ellis  from 3 yards out as the first strike of the game but look for the G-Men to adjust and win the game. 
6. Will Madonna wear fishnet stockings at any point during the Halftime Show?
  • Now I'm sure there are still some people who are really big fans of fishnets out there but I'm going with a No for this one and hope for just an overall good show which as been lacking for a long time now. 
7. Over/Under 1.5 times David Tyree's catch will be shown.
  • Take the Over on this one. The media can't help but relive that infamous play and if this game gets close at the end you know it will be shown giving you one and the other one will come at the beginning of the broadcast. 
8. What will be the result of Brady's first pass.
  • To me this is a no brainer.... COMPLETE and I'll even go one step further and say it will go to a TE ..... but it won't be the GRONK.... look for Hernandez to see more looks early to take some pressure off the Gronker. 
9. Welker/Cruz who catches a pass first.
  • This is a tough one as both are very dynamic WR out of the slot. This could come down to who starts with the ball. The problem I see with picking Welker is that there are just soooooo many weapons on the NE side of the ball that Welker can get lost early but Cruz has become a focal point of the NYG offense. Look for Cruz to draw first blood in this one. 
10. Which will be higher Manning Completions or LBJ points v Raptors?
  • LBJ scored 30 against raptors and while this is just an every day thing for BronBron and Manning is certainly capable of completing 30 especially against this NE defense. I still believe that the running game will be the difference in this game and given that I am taking the under. 
11. What color will the Gatorade be that gets dumped on the winning coach.
  • Simply put.... I took the G-Men to win if they dump any other color besides Blue they need to change their team colors next year. 
12. Who will the MVP thank first?
  • Wow! There is a realm of possibilities for this. Could the MVP thank God, Owner, Coach, Teammates, Family, or do they just not thank anyone because they are just that good. This is tricky and depends on who wins this and since Tebow isn't playing in this game the obvious choice is taken away. While God is still a strong possibility regardless of who wins, I have Manning as my MVP of the game and believe he will thank his teammates first. 
Well, that is about it hopefully this will enhance your viewing experience and win you a little money in the process. I should note that all in game bets start once the kickoff happens and end after the the clock reads 0:00. Also, giving credit where credit is due these prop bets came from ESPN's First Take. Enjoy the game and keep an eye out for future posts.


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