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Monday, February 6, 2012

Post Super Bowl Thoughts

Another Super Bowl has come and gone.  And I must say, when you're right, you're right.  My pick, the Giants, took down Brady and the Pats for the 2nd time in 5 years.  They didn't quite dominate the line of scrimmage on defense like I thought, but they did get some pressure on Brady even though the sacks didn't pile up.  Hell, the pressure led to the first 2pts of the game.  Big factor in the loss for NE, they couldn't make the big play when they needed to in the passing game, and the TE that put up the best statistical season of all time was a basic non factor.  He was effective on his 20yd catch when all he had to do was run straight down the field.  But when he needed to make a cut, he was slower then his teammate Wilfork.

Eli made plays downfield and some guys stepped up in the WR corp.  Hicks caught screen passes and turned them into first downs.  Cruz caught the first TD of the game.  And, well, Manningham made the catch of the night in the 4th quarter.  The running game was effect with Jacobs/Bradshaw combining for 109yds and a 4.2 avg.  Because of that, they controlled the clock 37 to 22 TOP.  The Giants did what I thought they would and they executed it and came out victorious.

But the Pats had a chance at the end.  Almost was the best finish in SuperBowl history.  But, what a great game regardless.  One of the better onces in recent memory.

As far as the other things the SuperBowl has to offer, the commercials weren't that outstanding. 

Nothing really wow me like this one from last year:

But there were a few good ones.  I liked the M&M one as well as the "here we go" dog that ran and fetched everyone beer.  Who doesn't need a dog like that??  The Chevy one was pretty solid bashing Ford about the toughest truck surviving our would be end of days in 2012.  But nothing really stood out in my mind.

And halftime..........awful.  She can't dance, she wasn't singing, and then some chick who thought she was hot shit gave the ol F YOU finger to the camera as it panned to her.  Who was that anyways?  Not a clue.....not well up on my diva chick singers.  But, if you didnt know her before, you sure do now.  Her name and picture is all over the place now.

  Oh her name is M.I.A.  What kinda name is that?  Only thing M.I.A. from this picture was a bit of class.  MIA is a BIA!

But the main attraction, the football, was as good as advertised.  Now the off season follows.  Let the Manning debates begin.  I'm sure I'll hit on that at some point.

Not a whole lot of major big time games on tonight.  I'll be catchin the Bulls @ Nets.  Join me if you dare.

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