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Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Recap! 3/19/12

What a weekend full of sports entertainment! BTBSports, much like most of America took some time off to enjoy what March Madness had to offer and we have breaking news as of today involving Peyton Manning, and where does that leave Tim Tebow? Matt Flynn signed with Seattle and we have it all right here on Behind The Bench Sports. 

Again, like most of America we took in everything that March Madness had to offer! How is your bracket doing by the way? Hope it is better than mine as the Madness of March beat up on my bracket. As of now JodizJokerz holds a 30 point lead over Royce White AllStars (Zach Oden) but nothing is over until the night of April 2nd. 

The opening day of the tournament was lack luster to say the least everything went to plan, but boy oh boy did Friday make up for it! Head lined by two #15 seeds (Norfolk St. & Lehigh) knocking out two #2's (Mizzou and Duke) within 3 hours of each other after 11 years (#2 Iowa State losing to #15 Hampton 2001). VCU does it again knocking off Wichita St. and #13 Ohio and #11 NC State advance as well. It was "Upset Friday" for sure and a bracket busting day for most of us. Saturday was headlined by Iowa State taking on Kentucky which turned out to be a good game until the 16 minute mark in the second half. It was at this time that Kentucky imposed their will and took the game to another level that the Cyclones have yet to reach and made a strong statement as to why they are the team to beat in this tournament. Sunday was not as much of an upset day as Friday was but still had it's share of surprises. NC State and Ohio are among those who were not supposed to be in the Sweet 16 who made it, while Purdue and Lehigh gave Kansas and Xavier as much as they could handle. The state of Ohio has got to be proud of their respective teams as they make up 25% of the Sweet 16 (Ohio State, Ohio, Cincinnati and Xavier)

Sunday also brought NFL free agency news, but not the news that everyone had been waiting for. We found out this day that Matt Flynn had signed with the Seattle Seahawks.  The deal is for 3 years $26 million ($10 million guaranteed). Most experts have found this interesting because he did not sign with the Dolphins and his former coach. While I do find it interesting that the Dolphins didn't make much of a run at him for much of that time they were waiting on Peyton Manning. Although, I didn't think Dolphins were the best choice for Manning, they for a time thought they had a chance. I believe that once they figured that out they were out of the running they decided to trade troubled WR Brandon Marshall to the bears for two 3rd round picks. Back to Flynn, he decides to sign with Seattle from my understanding because that is where he felt the most comfortable with the offense. Just because his former coach is now the head coach on a team looking for a QB doesn't mean that he doesn't have his own plans for an offensive scheme. Many coaches want to make their own mark on the league and not follow the plan that someone else developed. While they may take some things away from the coaches they worked with they will try to make a system their own. I'm in a wait and see mode on Flynn but Kolb didn't do him any favors last year. 

Now, to the BIG SHOW! Breaking news today is that Peyton Manning has decided to sign with the..... Denver Broncos! While many experts have said this is based on Elway's ability to relate to Manning's situation because Elway won when he was about Manning's age. In my opinion if that is the reason why Manning decided to go with Denver I would like to throw the "Stupid Flag" out there right now. Can we please look the weapons that Elway had on that team! Terrell Davis, Rod Smith, Ed McCaffrey, and Shannon Sharpe! That isn't even counting his 3 ProBowl Linemen LT Tony Jones, LG Mark Schlereth, and C Tom Nalen. Who who do the Broncos have now that is anywhere near that level? McGahee at running back I might give you but there is no way that Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas, D'Andre Goodwin & Daniel Fells even come close to the level of Elway's weapons. To me Denver has to add a lot of pieces to even be considered a championship contender. Frankly, San Francisco and Tennessee made a lot more sense based on offensive weapons and both in weaker divisions as well. 

The other big story based on Manning's signing is what happens to the Golden Boy of the NFL Tim Tebow? Word is that Denver wants to trade him, but to who? Jacksonville would've made sense but they already have Gabbert and Henne. It is true that neither one of them is considered real "Good" at this time but I don't see how bringing in Tebow allows them to Develop. Miami is now left on the outside looking in on teams with QB's and they are in need but rumors have them talking to David Garrard and by all means he is more proven than Tebow. If Tebow is dead set on being a QB in the NFL then I don't see any other teams out there for him. While he did do some good things last year in the form of wins, I'm not sure what team is going to want to bring the Tebow Circus to town. I think Denver will have to either cut him or keep him.

It was a crazy weekend in sports and that's what we love about it! Let us know your thoughts on this weekend but as Herm Edwards would say "Put your name on it" 


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