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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MLB Crystal Ball

Well MLB fans, the time has come.  The new season is upon us and one of our favorite holidays is upon us.  Yes, its OPENING DAY!  One of the best days of the year as a baseball fan and one of the worst days for managers around the world.  I gotta believe this is one of the least productive days in America.  That actually sounds like a great study.  If someone could find some facts out about the least productive days, from a business standpoint, I'd like to know.  Post those comments below!  With a new baseball season, comes seaon predictions.  Let myself and Smitty give you a hard look into our crystal balls (hmmmm weird) and give you a glance into the future that is the 2012 MLB Season.

New York Yankees - Plenty of offense even at their age and just enough pitching.  Won't be losing many games when they lead after 7 innings.
Tampa Bay Rays - They young, they fast, they have some bats and a rotation that is solid top to bottom.  Only thing worries me is the pen.
Boston Red Sox - Youkilis coming off injury and Crawford not 100% and they have some rotation issues.  Their closer is extremely injury prone. (I wrote this yesterday and Bailey already will need surgery)
Toronto Blue Jays - Some good SP arms and good closer.  They have some pop in the lineup but alot has to go right for me to put them ahead of Boston.
Baltimore Orioles - Rotation is awful and lineup isn't much better.  This team is screwed for a long time.

Detroit Tigers - Alot of pop especially if the springs from Young, Boesch, Raburn carry over to go along with Avilia, Miggy, Prince, & Peralta.  They got this Verlander guy too.
Chicago White Sox - It's feast or famine with this team.  If guys like Beckham, Rios, Dunn, Peavy play well they will be in the mix.  If not, they might be 2nd worst in division.
Kansas City Royals - Alot of youth that is playing well with Hosmer, Gordon, Butler, Francouer but do they have enough pitching?  They do in the pen but not in the rotation if you ask me.
Minnesota Twins - Can Morneau & Mauer stay healthy?  Won't matter.  There isn't enough hitting there to go with their lackluster rotation.
Cleveland Indians - A couple nice bats with Santana, Kipnis, & Cabrera but not much for arms in the rotation.  I am NOT a Ubaldo believer at all.
Los Angeles Angels - They added Pujols and Wilson this off-season and get Morales back from injury.  There are 0 holes in this lineup and that rotation is easily 4 strong.
Texas Rangers - This might be closest race in baseball.  Also a great lineup but Hamilton, Kinsler, Cruz tend to miss 20+ games each.  Rotation solid but not as good as LA's.
Oakland Athletics - McCarthy is good and I look forward to seeing Jarrod Parker and Brad Peacock.
Seattle Mariners - Ichiro is just about done and King Felix will be dealt.  This team is quite the mess right now and in the Orioles/Mets territory.
Philadelphia Phillies - With that rotation, it shouldn't matter how much Howard & Utley play.
Miami Marlins - Rotation is shaping up and they just brought in some speed with Reyes.  Gotta think Hanley will improve and Bell is now on the back end.  I believe in Ozzie.
Atlanta Braves - Nice rotation but still a bit young.  You could say the same about parts of their lineup.  Maybe Heyward rebounds but there isn't much to fear there.
Washington Nationals - They finally have something but Strasburg on IP limit.  Zimmerman & Gio nice pieces though to go along with strong pen.  Could struggle to score runs though but might surprise people.
New York Mets - When your staff ace is an oft-injured out of his prime Johan Santana you're in trouble. 

Milwaukee Brewers - Top end of rotation is too good and so is the back end of the pen.  With no Prince, the offense still has plenty of pop.  
Cincinatti Reds - Nervous about rotation but they will put up enough runs in that park to win some games.
St. Louis Cardinals - Wainwright looks healthy but Carpenter doesn't and there are always concerns with Beltran and Berkman.  Then who scores?
Chicago Cubs - Rebuilding around Garza, Castro, and Marmol.  They'd be last in many other divisions.
Pittsburgh Pirates - Andrew McCutchen is best player between these bottom 3 teams.  PIT = ZERO SPs
Houston Astros - Nice arms in Wandy and Norries but any lineup that depends on Carlos Lee to knock in runs at his age is going to struggle.


San Francisco Giants - Solid young rotation and just enough hitting to win this division.  Melky and Pagan added some speed to lineup and OF.  Brian Wilson still gets it done.  Giants could run away with division.
Los Angeles Dodgers - They have a Cy Young, almost MVP, young speedster, and some pop in the lineup.  They have enough to pass the Rockies but someone else will have to step up to catch SanFran.
Arizona Diamondbacks - Some nice players on offense and in the rotation but division too tough.
Colorado Rockies - So much to like on offense with Tulo, Cargo, Cuddyer, but any team that Moyer is slotted at the #2 or #3 SP needs alot of help in the rotation.
San Diego Padres - No one really worth see noting in the rotation and young position players everywhere.  Only team worse might be the Mets.

NL MVP:  Matt Kemp                    NL Cy Young:  Zack Greinke
AL MVP:  Miguel Cabrera              AL Cy Young:  Jered Weaver

National League Playoffs                                        American League Playoffs
Phillies, Brewers, Giants                                              Yankees, Tigers, Angels
Wild Cards:  Marlins vs. Dodgers                                Wild Cards:  Rangers vs. Rays

NLCS:  Phillies vs. Brewers                                        ALCS:  Angels vs. Tigers

                                      World Series:  Brewers vs. Angels
                                CHAMPION:  LOS ANGELES ANGELS

Smitty's Predictions:
Clark has summed up each team but this is where I think they will land.


East (Yanks hang tough with offensive friendly park and good not great pitching. Watch for the Red Sox to sneak up in to the 2 spot with a potential late run, but the Rays will hold on)
New York Yankees
Tampa Bay Rays
Boston Red Sox
Toronto Blue Jays
Baltimore Orioles

Central (Royals make a move with youth, but Tigers just too good)
Detroit Tigers*
Kansas City Royals
Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Indians
Minnesota Twins

West (LA and Texas easily make this one of the tougher divisions to win)
LA Angels
Texas Rangers
Oakland Athletics
Seattle Mariners


East (Most open division in my mind. Philly got pitching but big offensive weapons out would not be surprised if Miami wins or makes playoffs. Can't count out ATL either)
Philadelphia Phillies*
Atlanta Braves
Miami Marlins
Washington Nationals
New York Mets

Central (Brewers and Reds will battle but pitching wins out for the Brew Crew)
Milwaukee Brewers
Cincinnati Reds
St. Louis Cardinals
Pittsburgh Pirates
Chicago Cubs
Houston Astros

West (Tight 3 team race 4 or 5 game difference between 1 and 3)
San Fransisco Giants 
Arizona Diamondbacks
LA Dodgers
Colorado Rockies
San Diego Padres
* Best Records

Division Winners
Tigers                                                  Phillies
LA Angles                                            Brewers   
NY Yankees                                         Giants

WC AL                                                  NL
Tampa Bay                                         Reds
Texas Rangers*                                  Diamondbacks*
 *Wins the one game playoff

ALCS                                                 NLCS
Tigers v Angles                               Phillies v Giants

World Series                                   Champion
Angles v Phillies                               Angles

Matt Kemp - NL (Kemp wins without going to the playoffs, but in a close division race)
Prince Fielder - AL

Cy Young
Ian Kennedy - NL
Jered Weaver - AL

Those are our MLB Season Predictions, what are yours?  Comment below!


  1. Atlanta Braves are taking this whole thing. Hasselbeck ya bitches.

  2. Washington Nationals make the playoffs this year. Atlanta is the worst it's been in a long time and all those Marlins don't stay happy and/or healthy throughout the year. Also, to put the Rays ahead of Boston is silly, Boston flopped at the end of the year and as for the closer issue, Bard could move to back end of bullpen with melanchon until bailey is back. Plenty deep and the Rays offense isn't all that good. Boston and New York back in the playoffs this year do baseball can go back to normal. Also I find it hard to believe that the Giants win the NL West with the DBACKS with their offense and pitching staff. Just a better overall team than the Giants and Lincecum has become more hit able each year he spends in the league.

    Proud of you guys for really trying to get it right.

  3. I said Washington might surprise people but I'm not gonna go ahead and say they will make playoffs just yet. I'm on the Ozzie ball train and with extra WC I think they get in. As for TB and BOS just look at the rotations for those 2 teams. Boston's sucks. TB don't need to score 5 runs a game with those arms. Same goes for the Giants. I'm always goin with the team with best rotation.

  4. I agree it seems strange to put TB ahead of Boston but the Rays know their identity and with a new manger and injuries to deal with on top of that I think Boston could struggle early but will make a late surge to try and get back in the race, I just see them falling short. I also agree that the Dbacks will be a team to deal with in the NL West. The Giants finished 8 games back last year but had an identical record in the division as the Dbacks last year and that was without Posey for pretty much all year. I have to think that if healthy Posey makes that offense at least 4 to 5 games better and that just leaves 3 games left to no let slip away especially on the road where they finished just above .500. It will be a close race out West (in both AL and NL) I give you that. If that Nationals get in it would have to be a wild card there is no way they win that division but even with ATL not being their best they still have to contend with MIA who has gotten a lot better (on paper) but I don't see the Nats having enough this year, talk to me next year (2 tops).