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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Did LIN-Sanity just get a little crazier?

Lin-Sanity Continues!
Yes, I know, 2 Jeremy Lin posts in a matter for 4 days.  This kid is getting so much attention, its all everyone talks about.  The Lin story is gettin as old as the Tim Tebow story.  When will Lin just fail so we can all just stop talking about him?  Ya know what, this story isn't like the Tebow story.  One simple reason, Jeremy Lin is good, Tim Tebow just simply isn't.  Ok wait, to be fair, Tebow does do some things well.  He plays hard, he's tough, he can motivate, he's a great leader, he never gives up, he can run the football.  Wait, am I describing a running back?  Oh shit, Tim Tebow is a QB.  Ok, that's why I don't think he's that good, he isn't good at being what his team needs him to be to sustain long term football success, being a quarterback.  But that's an entirely different post all together.

Jeremy Lin is for real.  I said it on my post on Sunday morning and I'll let it echo the rafters of this great blog..........THE KID IS FOR REAL!  He continues to dominate ball games.  He has put this team on his back, a team that was led by 2 "superstars Amare & Melo" to an 8-15 record, and led them to 6 straight wins and has pulled NY to 14-15 which is good for the 8th spot in the East.  If I'm MIA, I'd hope NY keeps wining or starts losing.  That team, at full strength, with Lin, Melo, & Amare is a 1st round nightmare.  That's only my assumption, the 3 have yet to play together yet.  As a Bulls fan, and a Knicks hater, I don't wanna see them in the first round.  It would maybe rekindle the rivalry, but at the same time I don't want the Knicks to be the team that ends my teams run, especially if Derrick can't get to 100%.
But those are all future stories.  Whats now is Lin is unreal.  He posted yet another 27pts and 11assts.  Not only did he fill up the box score, but he hit a 3-pointer from the top of the key with .5 remaining to give his team the win, 90-87.  The best part of it, his coach, Mike D'Antoni, let Lin do it all.  In the huddle there was no play drawn up, none of that.  Lin asked the coach if he could call his own number, an isolation play, and his coach said "go for it kid".  And the kid named Lin delivered.  Check out the video to your left.

With stardom, comes adversity.  He has gotten his fill of that over the past 2 years while trying to pursue his basketball dream, but in the last few weeks, he hasn't seen it on the court.  He has seen it from others in the sporting world however.  Most notably, Boxing star, (who watches boxing anyways) Floyd Mayweather. 

Check this quote out.
“Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise,” Mayweather said via his Twitter account on Monday.

Is that a JOKE Floyd?  He is getting this attention only because he's Asian.....and for no other reason.  Is he wearing blinders?  Sure, some is because of the fact he is Asian.  How many Asian players are in the NBA, are there even more then 5?  Doubtful.  So yeah, some of it has to do with that.  I saw a stat somewhere that Asian NBA viewership has increased 40% over the last 2 weeks.  Well, that makes alot of sense.  But how many players, Asian or not, took the unlikely path that he took to get here.  No collegiate scholarships.  Played at a school, Harvard, not known for basketball in the least.  Went undrafted in 2010.  Cut from the Warriors and Rockets in the NBA before ever really getting a chance to step out on the court.  This isn't Kyrie Irving, John Wall, or Derrick Rose who were all PGs drafted #1 overall over the past few years' NBA drafts.  This is a kid that went undrafted, skipped over by every scout who thought they had this kid pegged right from the beginning.  Shit, he was probably close to being cut by the Knicks if not for injuries allowing him to finally get his chance to step out onto the floor.  And black players are not doing what he does every night and getting the same praise.  Though a small sample, he is averaging 26.8pts 8.5assts 3.8rebs 1.8stls during his 6 game tear.  That is unreal.  No one in the league, other then probably Lebron, has done that during a 6 game stretch this season, especially a stretch that also includes you winning all 6 of those games.  
So no Floyd, black players do not do what he is doing every night and YES Floyd, he is getting some more attention because he is Asian.  But he's not getting it ONLY for the fact that he is an Asian ball player.  The Knicks games @ MIN and @TOR last night were sell outs, something those 2 teams don't do very often.  You know why all of this is happening??  Because its unique.  Its one of a kind.  It's special.  This kinda stuff doesn't happen every year, every 5 years, once a decade.  It just doesn't happen.  That's why is so special.  That's why we all can't stop talking about it and its EXACTLY what a league needed that turned so many people away this off season because of the lockout.

That's why its so LIN-SANE!


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