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Sunday, February 5, 2012

First post.....NYG vs NE.........who YOU got?!?

It's Super Bowl Sunday!  What a great way to start the first post!  If I was a betting man (oh wait I am) my money is on Giants +3.  I don't even think its unlikely that they just win the game outright.

Say what you want about the nations love affair with Brady and Belichick but I'm riding with the team that plays both sides of the football.  Pats can air it out with the best of them but the NYG attack isn't too bad either with Nicks and breakout stud Cruz.  My guess is the Giants will be able to run the ball as well with Jacobs and Bradshaw, easily the 2 best backs playin in the game today.  NE hasn't been able to run the ball for the better part of the year.

Then there is the defense.  Its well known the NYG D has the best front 4 in football.  I'd say they even have an above average linebackers and secondary as well.  NE hasn't been able to stop teams all year long, especially ones that pass which plays to the Giants strength.  NYG will get pressure on Brady and that will be enough to win this game.

I'd even argue that the Pats have had a gold paved road to this point and have had alot of luck.  First, the Pats won their division.  Ok, they earned that.  Not a tough division however with Buffalo, MIA, and NYJ, a combined 20-28.  So they get the first round bye then are lucky enough to draw DEN in their first game after Tebow's miracle victory over PIT.  After NE crushes probably the worst playoff team in the field, they squeek out a victory at home vs. BALT.  That game could of been won by BALT if that catch was reviewed and if not for a missed TO call by Harbaugh and a shank of a FG kick, it could be the Ravens in this game, not the Pats.

What have the Giants done?  Destroyed a dynamic ATL team in New York.  Traveled to Green Bay to handle the Packers who are the defending champs and are led by what should be the eventual MVP of the league.  Then they again traveled to SF and beat THE BEST defense in football this season.  This team can grind it out like they did @ SF, they can throw up points when needed like they did vs GB.........they can beat you many ways basically.

So, in all, give me the team with the more dynamic offense, the better defense, and the team playin the best football at this very moment.  Did I mention they are an underdog tonight?  Take the Giants.

Just wanted to say myself and my parter (also named Matt) will cover a wide range of topics a couple times a week.  Feel free to read, follow, comment, whatever.  We're just a couple of sport fanatics that want to inspire some great debate!  I'm most familiar with the 3 major sports leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB) with my most knowledge with the Chicago Bulls specifically.  But I'll hit a wide range of topics.

Lets see what my partner has for us today!
Enjoy the game everyone!
- Clark -


  1. You must have been masterbating like a zoo monkey! No way the Giants win this game. Pats will simply outscore the G-men. Stats alone during the regular season are hardly ever a factor in the Super Bowl. Most prepared team wins this game.
    Pats 35 Giants 24
    MVP Brady

  2. While your opinion was appreciated it was not backed by any facts. That is what we want this to be about putting your opinion out there but backing it up. Also, if you are going to come on here and tell us that we masturbate like a zoo monkey at least put your name on your comments. Don't hide behind a handle put it out there and man up. For the record BTBSports 1 Man who likes to watch zoo Monkeys masturbate 0.