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Friday, April 27, 2012

The NBA Playoffs are BIG in 2012

You've heard the slogan all season long, everything this year is BIG in the NBA.  No, they not talking about the egos, the contracts, or the rift between owners and players.  They are talking about the players, the shots, the defense, and of course, the moments.  This year has had its fair share.  From Blake Griffin's big dunk on Perkins, Durant's game winner, Derrick Rose game winner vs the Bucks, the Jeremy Lin drama, or even Commissioner Stern "Suspending World Peace".

It all leads to this, its PLAYOFF time!  Can Miami get their first of 1 and what they say are 5, 6, and 7 rings? Can the Thunder finish their breakthrough and get to the Finals?  Can the Bulls, like Oklahoma City, get to the Finals behind their injured MVP?  What does San Antonio have left in the tank?  Speaking of "whats left in the tank" do the Lakers and Celtics have another deep run left in them?  What about some up and coming teams like Indiana, LA Clippers, and Memphis.......whats the impact they will have?  Well, we all have our ideas about how this years playoffs will turn out.  How do you think it all goes down?

Ok, so my bracket may be a lil bias.  Ok possibly alot bias.  Yeah, I'm a HUGE Bulls fan and of course I'd like to see them win it all.  But the thing is, its not totally impossible and I'll tell you why.

Western Conference Breakdown
Spurs ride the hot streak and roll past the Jazz 4-1.  The Clippers led by Chris Paul beat Memphis in 7.  If he can take an average Hornets team to playoffs, he can win a 1st round series vs. Memphis, but it won't be easy.  Give me the Lakers in 5 over Denver where the Lakers are just too much inside for the Nuggets.  Then, I'll take the Thunder in 5 over an aging Dallas team that was fortunate to get their ring last season.  Next, I'll take the Spurs in 6 over the Clippers with Spurs experience and superior coaching getting them into Western Finals.  Thunder in 6 over the Lakers as they just don't matchup well but will be a very entertaining and tough series.  Last, Thunder finally break through and get by the aging Spurs to get to the Finals in 5.

Eastern Conference Breakdown
First off, I'm gonna assume Derrick Rose is healthy enough to be effective for Chicago.  So, with that said, Bulls in 6 over a 76ers team that has given them issues all season long while Rose plays a limited role.  Boston scraps out a series win over Atlanta in 6.  If Atlanta had Horford I could see them winning in 7, but, they don't.  Pacers cruise past a Dwight-less Orlando squad in 5.  Miami rolls past a NY team that still doesn't play enough defense in 5 games.  Chicago finally lets Rose get loose and defeats Boston in 6 in a tough series that is similar to the one a few years back.  Now, this series between the Heat and Pacers will be one of the most entertaining of all the playoffs to watch.  It's going to be some hard nose playoff basketball between 2 young athletic squads.  With that said, a bruised Miami squad wins in 6.  That leaves an Eastern Conference Finals rematch between Chicago and Miami.  With the rest Rose got in the first round and the bruising Miami will take from the Pacers, I'll say Bulls win in 7.  Mostly because they have home court advantage and just have a much deeper roster.  Chicago does not fear Miami.

NBA Finals:  Thunder vs. Bulls
Once again, I won't lie, I'm a bit bias.  But I see this series going to 7 games one way or another.  Bulls will again have home court advantage.  Without Rose, Bulls have no chance, and he could take a beating from Miami to get to this point.  But if healthy enough to be effective, Bulls can pull this one out.  Who knows how James Hardin's body will react after his concussion.  Things will only get rougher in the playoffs, especially if they meet up in round 2.  Durant is a matchup nightmare but Rose can keep up with Westbrook.  Key to this series will be the post play and rebounding.  How do Boozer and Noah play against Perkins and Ibaka.  I think Chicago will be too much to handle down low and will grind this series out.  Depth will play a key as well and I would argue there is no deeper team then Chicago and defense wins championships and that's especially true in the NBA and the Bulls are once again a top defensive team.  Just let me step back and kiss myself, Bulls in 7 games baby!


Now that you have read a biased based NBA Prediction! Let me give you a true unbiased look at the NBA Playoffs.

The West:

Yes, the Spurs take care of the Jazz (4-2) but I see it going 6 as mediocre as the Jazz are they play well at home. Memphis takes care of the Clippers in 6 as well. Memphis is a team on the rise and they will take care of the Spurs in 6 playing with confidence (they did knock them out last year). The Lakers will still handle the Nuggets in what I'm going to call a close series with a lot of tight games. I think the Lakers win in 5. The Thunder gets to take on the defending champs but they are not the same team from the year before. Thunder win in 5. That gives us a Western Conference Final of Memphis and OKC. Like I said Memphis is on the rise and I think they make this a series taking it the distance but OKC will take it in 7.

The East:

Chicago will get to ease in to the playoffs beating the 76ers in 5 games. Boston gets in to a dog fight with the pesky Hawks and ultimately the highlight factory gets to keep producing knocking out an injured Boston team in 6 games. The Pacers take care of the Magic 4-0. Orlando won't have Howard and is just a hot mess. Miami, unlike Chicago, get an early wake up call in the playoffs. The Knicks are playing well and have a different attitude on defense (finally). Miami will be challenged early by the Knicks but in the end Miami wins in 6. Without question the two best teams in the East are Miami and Chicago and they get to meet in the East Finals. Without injury concerns I think Chicago would have a better chance to pull this out, but I see too much Wade, LeBron, and Bosh (in that order). This is the series that they Heat understand they need to follow the lead of Wade and "Batman" will lead the Heat to the finals (again) and beat the Bulls in 7.


I'm going to channel my inner Jalen Rose, OKC "May be young, but they're ready" to make a statement and they will, giving the Heat all they can handle but what they don't have is a lot NBA Finals experience. Who does, the Heat. LeBron will dominate early in games and let Wade close them out. What the Heat learned last year was to never waste an opportunity and never take anything for granted. The Heat will win in 6 but LeBron will still have to answer questions about his 4th quarter performance, but those answers come easier sitting on top of NBA Championship Hill!

You know ours.... WHO IS YOUR CHAMPION? Let us know below!


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