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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2nd Chance Brackets

We are down to the sweet 16 and for some, including myself, that might just mean your bracket is busted. Duke and Missouri were sure to of done most of the bracket busting by losing to 15 seeds. NC State, Ohio, VCU, and South Florida were sure to help give March Madness its name. But, everyone deserves a 2nd chance right? In this post, we're going to post our 2nd Chance Brackets just to see if we can do a better job of predicting from here on out. Yeah, I know, it gets a bit easier now but I'm sure we were all saying that a few weeks ago too.

Smitty's 2nd Chance
I still like Kentucky to come out of the South and play Marquette out of the West. Marquette has impressed me with their play as of late and see them winning a tough game against Michigan St. Ohio St will still come out of the East. Syracuse has to miss Fab Melo at some point in this tournament and a match up against Sullinger might just be the game. UNC has enough talent to handle Ohio but in my upset special they meet up with an NC State team that knows them very well and without knowing if one of the their most important players (Kendall Marshall) will be available UNC will be in a tight match up and I would not be surprised to see a HOT NC State team come out of the Midwest, but UNC will prevail meeting with Ohio State. Ohio St will benefit from yet another injury and meet Kentucky in the finals. After watching Kentucky take their game to a different level against a good Iowa State team, I am a BELIEVER! Kentucky beats Ohio Sate 76-67.

Clark's 2nd Chance
Well, I'm sticking with my original bracket by picking Kentucky to come out of the South. I got them playing Marquette out of the West. I thought Michigan St. was the weakest of the four #1 seeds even though they won the Big Ten. I wasn't as high on the Big Ten as many others were. Big East still top conference in my eyes and that's where Marquette plays and they were 2nd in that conference behind Syracuse. They are the most dangerous #3 seed in the tourney and they've played like it. So, I like them to beat Florida and then upset the Spartans to meet Kentucky in the Final Four.

Syracuse should take care of Wisconsin (read what I thought bout Michigan St.) and Ohio St. should take care of Cincinnati. That gives us another Big Ten vs. Big East matchup. This time its a bit different. Syracuse isn't the same team that won their conference because of missing Fab Melo. I see Sullinger of OSU dominating down low and powering the Buckeyes to victory to get to the Final Four.

UNC gets a gift by facing Ohio in the Sweet 16. Their "Cinderella" story is over as they run into the buzzsaw that is the Tarheels. Kansas draws a NC State team that is playing great right now and really is impressing people. I'm impressed, but we're talkin' Kansas here who is deep, has one of the top 5 players in the nation and has a top coach. Rock-Chalk-Jayhawk.....Kansas moves on. I think Kansas knocks off UNC mostly because of the injury to Kendall Marshall. If not for that, I'd have UNC in the title game.

So, Final Four, Kentucky, Marquette, Ohio St. Kansas. This tournament is Kentucky's to lose right now. They were my original champ and I'm stickin' with them. Kansas knocks off Ohio St. to meet Kentucky. Kentucky wins 72-64.


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